Nina Richards - Music and Synthesis


Nina Richards - Lost

This one goes on a bit of a journey. From a melancholy piano, to growling synths and orchestral elements, and then heavy techno-sounding sections. I'm not really sure of a genre for this to be honest so I'm going with soundtrack-esque!

Nina Richards - Confliction

A track on the heavier side of electronica.

Nina Richards - Breath With Me

A synthwave track with a side of shoegaze. The first track I've released with vocals so go easy on me!

Nina Richards - Path of Hope

Something a little different. A bit ambient, a bit prog, and perhaps a little shoegazey.

Nina Richards - Reflection (Extended Version)

Another synthwave-esque track. Performed on the modular, Model D, Bass Station II (as a controller and sound source) and soft-synths (Korg Wavestation, Polysix).

Glowing in Motion

A quick live version of a work in progress synthwave-esque track. Performed using Ableton Live, featuring, modular synth, Bass Station 2, soft-synths and effects.

Nina's Hybrid Noodle

Made while getting to know Ableton Live. Two parts live on the modular, sequenced with Stepper Acid. Additional recorded modular loops, guitar and soft-synths.

Nina's Last Minute Noodle

Recorded live using two Stepper Acids, two x0x hearts, plus a kick/noise patch and a pad patch, all on the modular synth. Additional polyphonic soft synth pad and drum loops via Logic Pro X. Recorded last minute before needing to de-patch the synth!

Nina's Major Noodle

Three Stepper Acid parts on the modular; lead, strings and TR-909 style drums on the MOXF6.